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Winter Travel Tips car 20with 20presents

Before you head out of town for the holidays, take care of the vehicle you hope will get you there. 

The holiday season is upon us. That means twinkling lights, wrapping paper, smiling faces, snow and of course travelling to see friends and family.

Whether you are flying across the country -- or maybe you are lucky and are heading someplace warm -- or driving a few hours to gather with family once again, you will want to make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the trip.

It wouldn't be a very joyful holiday to be stranded in the snow because you didn't get your vehicle ready for the journey.

We have a few tips to make sure you get to your destination and back home again this holiday season.

  1. Get Your Tires Ready

Your tires are one of the most important parts to consider before hitting the road. In cold and snowy Canada, we highly recommend having winter tires on your vehicle (it is required when traveling to some provinces like British Columbia). It may also be prudent to have a set of snow chains, gravel or kitty litter packed away in case you hit a patch severe road conditions.

You'll also want to inspect your tires. Make sure they are properly inflated, and they are holding air without any leaks. Check the tread too, if your tires are older it may be time to consider new tires. For tricks on checking your tires, READ: Inspecting Your Tires.

  1. Check Your Fluid Levels

Before any road trip, it's a good idea to check all the essential fluid levels--engine oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid--but it's especially important before a winter road trip. Full fluid tanks help to keep the containers from freezing, which helps keep your vehicle operating smoothly in the cold. Luckily, this is something the Quick Lane will take care for you when you're in for an Oil Change.

Don't forget about the windshield washer fluid. This is essential to keeping your windshield clear and it is easy to refill. Consider having extra stored away for your trip and you choose a washer fluid rated for winter's subzero temperatures. And while we are talking about that, make sure your wipers are in good condition, you don't want a smeared, streaky mess when you are on the road. READ: The Bigger Picture On Wiper Blades

  1. Test Your Battery

Imagine piling into the car only to hear that awful sound of a dead battery. Most car batteries last three to five years, so if your battery is more than three years old, make sure to get it checked before heading out on the open road.

Make sure the battery terminals and cable ends are free from corrosion and the connections are tight. And, don't forget your jumper cables, just in case. READ: Keep Your Battery From Dying This Winter.

  1. Check Your Lights

It gets dark early during the winter months, with the sun setting around 4:30 PM. It is important to ensure your headlights, taillights, and turn signals are all in working condition. If any bulbs are burnt out, now is the time to replace them. If after replacing bulbs you still find they aren't bright enough, it may be time to book a headlight restoration from the detailing team at Drayton Valley Ford. They'll clean up the casing to ensure more light hits your view.

  1. Service Your Vehicle

This is a lot of work to get done before you head out, but we make it easy. At Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center, our expert technicians will handle all this and more for you! Our team can help you with everything from tires to brakes to front-end suspension while also checking those drive belts and engine hoses along with fast, expert repair. When you book in your vehicle with the Quick Lane you'll be given a full inspection report outlining everything that has been completed along with guidelines for planning future maintenance services or repairs. All makes and models are welcome, you can CLICK HERE to book your next appointment.

  1. Have An Emergency Kit

It always pays to be prepared! Make sure you have proper and fully equipped car emergency kit ready to go, and easily accessible in your vehicle.

Your kit should include items like:

  • a first aid kit
  • snacks (for both humans and any pets)
  • ice scraper with brush
  • basic tools (screwdrivers, pliers, wrench)
  • warning flares
  • cloths or paper towels
  • some drinking water
  • an emergency blanket
  • Extra gloves, hats and jackets
  • Candles and matches
  • List of contacts and phone numbers (in case of no internet coverage areas)

Adding all this to an already extensive holiday prep list can seem daunting, but the Quick Lane makes it easy for you. You can take advantage of free pick-up and delivery for your appointments; or a complimentary shuttle to wherever you need; or stay and enjoy snacks and refreshments in the waiting area. Whatever is the easiest, most hassle-free way for you during this busy time of year, the Quick Lane team will accommodate.

Afterall, Life is Better in the Quick Lane!

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