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3 Reasons Why April is the Perfect Time for Tire Changeovers


As April rolls around, it's time to consider swapping out your winter tires for something more suitable for the changing weather. Here are our top three reasons why April is the ideal month for tire changeovers:

1. Transition from Winter to Spring:

April marks the transition from the harsh winter conditions to milder spring weather. With temperatures rising and roads clearing of snow and ice, it's the perfect time to switch from winter tires to all-season or summer tires. Winter tires are designed for cold temperatures and snowy roads, and using them in warmer weather can lead to quicker wear and decreased performance. If you're unsure of what tires to buy for your vehicle, check out our tire buying guide!

2. Improved Traction and Handling:

As temperatures rise above 7°C consistently, winter tires start to lose their effectiveness. All-season or summer tires provide better traction and handling in warmer conditions, enhancing your driving experience and safety on the road. By making the switch in April, you ensure the best performance as you navigate springtime weather variations.

3. Beat the Rush:

Waiting too long to change your tires can lead to long wait times at Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center as everyone rushes to make the switch. By scheduling your tire changeover in April, you avoid the last-minute rush and ensure prompt service. Plus, you'll have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is equipped with the right tires for the season ahead.

Don't delay--take advantage of April's favorable conditions and make the switch to summer or all-season tires for a smoother, safer ride this spring. Get your free tire quote from our tire experts by emailing or giving the team a call at: 780-542-7990 or

If you've already got some good quality tires for this season, you can book your tire swap here with our Quick Lane!

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