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The Bigger Picture On Wiper Blades

Let's talk about a key component, to your visibility on the road, one that is often over looked. No it's not your lights, or your windshield. It's your wiper blades.

It may not be the most interesting topic, but when it comes to you seeing clearly on the road, it is a very important one.

When To Replace?

Your wiper blades wear down over time and need to be replaced regularly. Luckily it is pretty easy to tell when your wipers are in need of replacement.streaky 20windshield

When they are in use they will leave streaks behind on your windshield resulting in cloudy and impaired visibility. This is caused by the wiper's edge no longer being sharp, but rounded due to wear. If you inspect your wiper blades you may notice uneven wear or chips along the rubber edging.

Another sign your wiper blades need to be replaced is a loud sort of chattering and squeaking sound. This is caused when your wipers bounce along the windshield rather than glide.

What Wears Them Out?

Sunlight -- Direct, harsh sunlight causes wiper blades to wear down. This is because the heat from the sun dries out the rubber edging causing it to creak and split.

Ice -- Using your wipers when your windshield is still covered in frost and ice in the winter can cause them to wear down faster. The ice can tear and pull at the rubber so it's important to scrap your windshield before turning them on. You may also want to lift your wiper blades off the windshield in the winter while parked, this makes it easier to scrape off the frost, and makes it so the wiper blades don't freeze to the glass.

Quality - It's true that not all wipers are created the same. In this case, the old adage "you get what you pay for" rings true. Better quality OE (Original Equipment) manufactured products will last longer and they have been better tested in extreme temperatures. Click to learn more about available Motorcraft and Omnicraft Aftermarket parts that are built to last and backed by better warranty.

TIP: Before you head out to buy a new pair of wiper blades, inspect them. If you don't see any cracks, chips or tears in the rubber, they may just need to be cleaned!

How Often Should You Replace Wipers?

It largely depends on where you live. Mild climates may get more life out of their wiper blades. Like we mentioned above, Alberta has a pretty tough climate, seeing both very hot summers and very cold winters. Generally, we recommend replacing them at least every 12 months. Watch for the signs we listed above, your wiper blades will tell you when it is time for new ones.

NOTE: New price drop on all wipers, all sizes and for all makes and models at Quick Lane. Was $21.99 each and now only $16.99 each, includes installation. 

How To Choose The Right Blades?

It is time to pick out your new wiper blades. How do you do that? There are a few simple ways to find the right ones or your vehicle.

Check Your Manual - Your vehicle's manual should tell you what size wiper blades you need for each side. Some vehicles have different size requirements for the driver and passenger sides, so read carefully before replacing the blades.

Ask a Tech - If in doubt, speak to someone who knows cars like yours inside and out, such as the experts at Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre. Not only can we help you find the right wipers for your vehicle, we will install them for you at no charge! 

TIP: Like changing your tires over to winter tires, changing your wiper blades to winter blades will help in the colder months! Winter wiper blades have a protective layer that allows them to keep on working in the ice and snow. Winter wipers are also much stronger, and are built to handle heavy snow and freezing rain.

If you can't see the road ahead, you'll increase your chances of getting into an accident. Therefore, it's very important that you switch your wiper blades out regularly. Our experts at the Quick Lane will make maintaining your wiper blades easy and with their affordable new price of only $16.99 each, installed, you won't find a better quality wiper blade for a better price! Talk to our advisors today!

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