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Prepare your vehicle for the cold, even if you aren't here to experience it

In the midst of colder weather, we Canadians tend to have our eyes on warmer climates. We jet off to tropical and exotic locals south of the border and leave our vehicles

sitting out in the cold.

Before you jet off for that much needed vacation, we have a few tips to help make your return home that much smoother.

Test Your Battery

Returning home to Alberta after spending a week in Mexico is jarring enough. But if your battery isn't prepared for a deep freeze, your return home will not be fun.

Skip over the CLICK…CLICK… SPUTTER of a dead battery and get it checked before you leave. Make sure the battery terminals and cable ends are free from corrosion and the connections are tight. And, don't forget your jumper cables, just in case. Here are some tips on keeping your battery from dying, CLICK HERE.

At Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center, we inspect and test your battery, free of charge!

Protect the Battery from Extreme Cold

Where you can, it is important to protect your vehicle from extreme cold. If you can park in a garage or in underground parking area that is best. You can also try parking your vehicle downwind, so the battery is not barraged by freezing winds. A battery blanket is another affordable option to keep your battery warm while you are away, when you don't have the option of a garage.

Plug Your Vehicle In

It isn't always possible when parking at an airport, but if you can, plug your vehicle in before you leave. This may mean getting a ride to the airport and leaving your vehicle at home, or maybe leaving it at a friend's place.

Plugging in your vehicle helps the block heater warm your engine's components, fluids and your battery. It's recommended you start plugging your car in once temperatures reach around -15 C or lower.

Double Check Your Block Heater

Speaking of plugging your vehicle in: Now is the time to make sure your block heater is in proper working order. This includes making sure the cord doesn't need to be replaced.

The block heater keeps the engine block at an ideal temperature for the oil to remain thin and not thick and gooey, which happens at temperatures exceeding -20 C. This is a life saver when it comes to starting your vehicle after it has been sitting for a while in the cold.

Know How to Safely Boost a Car

If all else fails, make sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes jumper cables. Extreme cold has adverse effects on our car batteries, so it is important to know how to safely boost your vehicle.

Know which side of the car your battery is on, and that the vehicle helping you out has a battery in good condition. Read our complete guide to boosting your vehicle safely by CLICKING HERE.

Locks, Latches, and Doors

Before packing the bathing suits and sunscreen, take the time to lubricate door locks, latches, and hinges and treat the door and window seals. By spraying the door and window seals with a silicone lubricating compound, they will be less likely to freeze you out when you get home.

Service Your Vehicle

At Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center, our expert technicians will handle most of the heavy lifting for you. We will help you with everything from tires to brakes to front-end suspension while also checking those drive belts and engine hoses along with fast, expert repair. You'll also be given a full inspection report outlining everything that has been completed along with guidelines for planning future maintenance services or repairs. All makes and models are welcome, and you can even book your next appointment online!

Book Appointment Online

Check the Weather Report - At Home!

Before we go away on a long awaited, and much needed vacation, we often obsessively check the weather. Is it going to be terrible weather when you head out? What will it be like when I get there? But we don't think about what it will be like at home when we jet off.

It is important to be prepared for extreme weather, even if you aren't going to be here to experience it. We make sure our house is ready to be left alone for a long period of time, our vehicles should be no different. Luckily the Quick Lane is here to help!

Our experts will keep you safe on the roads this winter. You can also take advantage of free pick-up and delivery for your appointments or a complimentary shuttle to wherever you need, so you can make sure your to do list is done before you head out.

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