Winter Tires for Increased Safety

Winter driving conditions in Alberta are ever changing and as the pace of life and increasing traffic congestion begins this time of year we all need to be extra diligent in ensuring our vehicles are equipped with the proper tires. As the only part of your vehicle touching the road, your tires can make the all difference in arriving safely to your destination. Winter tires greatly improve your vehicle’s traction on ice and snow, which helps to keep your vehicles on the road and get you home safely. The maintenance costs for running proper tires does not increase over the life of your vehicle because both seasonal sets will last longer, as they each will only be used for half the year. It’s a win/win situation that will increase your and your family's safety while driving.

At Drayton Valley Ford we offer Winter Safety Packages that include tires, rims and sensors for many different models. With our "Price Match Promise" program we guarantee highly competitive pricing on all the top brands of tires backed by price matching our competitors. Our tire experts will get you the right tire for winter in Brazeau County and Drayton Valley, and at the best prices. Our Parts Representatives stay up to date on tire manufacturer rebates and incentives to help our customers get the absolute best bang for their buck. Finally, our dedicated Service Advisor's in Drayton Valley Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center and the Drayton Valley Ford Service Department will provide streamlined service to get your vehicles in and out of the shop as quickly as possible, minimizing your down time. Our clients also benefit from free tire storage so your off-season set aren’t using up valuable real estate in your garage.

Our priority is help keep our customers safe on the road. Contact our Parts & Service teams today, we would be honoured to help you with your next set of winter tires.