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The Different Types of Tire Damage

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"I've got a bulge!"

"Most of us do when we get past fifty."

"No, a bulge in my tire - in the sidewall - a bubble!"

The Damage is Serious!

A bulge, bubble, or break in the sidewall of a tire is an issue requiring immediate attention. Typically, the result of an impact - curb, sidewalk, pothole - that damages the tire's reinforcing plies. As air escapes through the break and into the sidewall, a bubble or bulge forms. In addition to being dangerous, the bulge can seriously damage the interior of the vehicle's fender. Replacement of the damaged tire is the only option. Do not drive on the damaged tire and immediately replace it with a spare or call roadside assistance.

Other Types of Tire Damage

Tires become damaged for various reasons, and it can happen without the driver being immediately aware of the problem. The most common types of tire damage are punctures and cuts. These are usually due to running over something sharp. Often times they can be easily patched to save your tire, if you catch it early enough. This is only the case if the damage is found on the tread of the tire (along the outside).

Any cracking, bulging or cuts along the sidewall of the tire, as mentioned above are more serious and should be inspected at the Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center sooner rather than later. In some cases, a tire is designed to have cut points along the side of the tire! These are placed by manufacture design to help protect your tire and rim from side impact.

The last most commonly found damage on tires is irregular wear. This can be a symptom of a more serious issues with the vehicle itself. If the vehicle is not aligned properly more stress can be applied to either different tires or different areas of the tire itself. Also, if tires are not rotated at proper intervals you'll notice some may begin to wear out faster than others. Unfortunately, in most cases with AWD or 4X4 vehicles, if one goes then 2 or all 4 need to be replaced. It's better to complete the rotations to extend the life of all 4 of your tires.

Road Hazard Warranties!

Depending on the tire's age and wear, your tire manufacturer's road hazard coverage should deal with most replacement costs. A typical coverage period lasts to the first 2/32-inch tread wear, 12 months, and/or 20,000 kilometres - roughly one year for the typical driver. You can also look at purchasing extended Road Hazard Warranty through the dealership's finance office. This is especially valuable if you find yourself driving through construction zones, gravel or other more volatile roadways frequently. It's a small cost up front that could be big savings down the road.

How to Prevent Tire Damage!

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to drive over an obstacle in the road, approach it slowly and as perpendicular as possible. Afterwards, check your tires for damage such as cuts, cracks, or bulges. Also, avoid driving aggressively on unpaved roads. Pay close attention to concrete curbs, especially those at drive-throughs and in parking lots. When parking, always approach the curb slowly to avoid hard impact, sometimes nails or other sharp edges aren't visible when parking.

You may be unaware of tire damage, thus the importance of rotating your tires at regular intervals. The tires should be rotated, for example, each time an oil change and service is performed or when making the seasonal transition from summer to winter tires. By rotating the tires, drivers can expect a uniform pattern of wear. But as always, refer to the recommendations provided by the vehicle/tire manufacturer. During tire rotations, our Quick Lane Tire & Auto team will visually inspect your tires for damage and alert you to any issues. At this point, you can discuss repairs or replacements.

The team at Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre can quickly assess any tire issue and get you back on the road quickly and affordably. We offer expert tire repair along with a full range of brand-name tires, and with our Price Match Promise - you're guaranteed the best tire deal in town! And to sweeten the deal, we offer free storage of off-season tires when you purchase your new tires from us. So, call our Quick Lane direct at 780-542-2025 or book online HERE, and we'll get you rolling again.

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