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Buying Tires from Big Box Stores vs Local Tire Shops

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OK, it's time for new tires, and you're thinking about getting 'em from a big box store such as Costco, Canadian Tire or Walmart. They have the best prices, right? Maybe not...

There is more to consider when deciding on where to buy tires, we agree that price is an important factor. This is an expensive purchase and an important one!

Other factors to take into account

  1. Appointment Frenzies: Some big box stores do not allow appointment bookings, you may just have to show up, cross your fingers and hope that they have an opening and your number gets called. It's survival of the earliest. Booking in with Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre promises that when you arrive, we are at your service, respectful of your time.
  2. Wait Time Impulses: If that big store is busy, you could be waiting a very long time and let's be honest, are you going to go and sit in a waiting room or will you likely peruse the store? There's a reason nothing interesting is in their waiting areas, they want you to shop, now your "cheaper" tires are costing much more in impulse buys or boredom shopping. Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre offers two complimentary services to get you where you want to be: Utilize the free shuttle service or opt for Free pick-up and delivery of your vehicle so you don't need to come in at all if you don't want to! Or... stay, enjoy some television and complimentary snacks while you wait.
  3. Entry Level Mistakes: There is a lot to know about tires and the manufacturers who make them. What rating should your tire have based on your driving conditions? What brands offer the best rebates and which offer warranty? Our team members complete ongoing training and certification every year. They have relationships with tire distributors and know exactly what you'll need to make the right purchase. Often big box stores circulate their employees within different departments so while they are informed on HOW to put through your purchase, they may not have the resources to help you make an informed decision.
  4. Customer Service with a Catch: Many discount stores refuse to do tire repairs or help with manufacturer warranty claims if you did not buy from them. Yet the tire shops, like Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre, are there to help. Regardless of your buying decision... at the end of the day, we help people in any way we can. Our goal is to earn future business with excellent customer service.

Still, you say, I am not willing to pay more for the same tire! You are right and you shouldn't! That is why we have the Quick Lane Price Match Promise. We will match any valid, current offer on the identical tire and guarantee that price for 30-days! But we don't stop there....

The perks get even better!

  • FREE off-season Tire Storage: Let's say you're swapping over winter for summer tires: we'll store your tires free-of-charge so that they're not taking up room in your garage. It couldn't be easier. We'll alert you when it's time for the next "swap" and give you advanced notice of any seasonal tire deals.
  • Complimentary Shuttle Service: We will take you wherever you want to go and enjoy your time.
  • FREE Pick-up & Delivery Service: We'll come get your vehicle, install your tires or perform your maintenance and return it back to you. Stay home, Netflix and relax.
  • Top Selection of all Major Tire Brands: We have great relationships with all the major tire manufacturers so if we don't have your tire in-stock, we often get priority ordering and will have them within a day.

Value - Bang for your Buck - Better Perks - Price Matching - 'Know You By Name' ServiceSo, same tires, same price - but an added level of customer service and satisfaction. That's the difference between buying tires from a Big Box Store or purchasing tires from your friendly, neighbourhood Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre. Tire buying is better in the Quick Lane! Click Here to get a quote today.

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